Photographer Brian Decrop - portrait by Myra De Grim

That strong desire to wander, to get lost and to document  beauty.”


Hello visitor


 I am a freelance photographer based in Belgium. I grew up in Koksijde, a small town located on the North Sea coast of Flanders.


For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the outdoors, as alluring as a sirens’ song casting its powerful spell. Playing in the dunes, setting up camp and building shelters, I have always marveled at the sheer wonder of it all. That childhood fascination is still very much there, alive and kicking.


When I graduated as a physical education teacher, I started to travel and see the world. And one day it dawned on me: I had gotten infected by that urge they call wanderlust. With a simple camera dangling from my neck, I started documenting my journeys, turning them into images and film. I wanted to show people what I experienced. I wanted to inspire and mainly to be inspired.


Later on, I was privileged enough to meet Tom Linster and Koenraad De Buck, who taught me the basics of photography. They also opened me up to the world of nature photography. I am truly a photography buff, and those two wonderful men have a lot to do with that.


All the while, I kept developing my photography skills, eager to engage in projects that appeal to my sensibilities and wondering if perhaps I would succeed in finding a style of my own. By trial and error and over the course of many years of training and pure fun, I think I have come a long way.


Nowadays, I think you could call me a travel photographer with a great passion for the wild outdoors. Awed by the mighty mountains, challenged by the crashing waves and supported by my friends and loved ones, I am forever chasing the light in search of the incredible beauty that our blue planet is literally dripping with.


I showcase my material and my footage on this website because I would love to inspire people to go and find out how awe-inspiring and incredibly delicate Mother Earth can be. Visit faraway countries and acquaint yourself with cultures that are vastly different from your own, because only when you look at yourself through the eyes of the other can you hope to discover who you truly are. It’s an adventure that will turn your world upside down and leave an indelible stamp on your soul, and you will be all the richer for it. I know I am.


See you, somewhere, anywhere,



Photographer Brian Decrop - portrait by Maaike Van Den Meerschaut