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As a photographer and an Ayacucho ambassador, I am very happy to introduce my photo project Dreaming without fear of heights. Along with twelve other ambassadors I have tried to spread the story about the Ayacucho brand and to contribute to the wonderful reputation it enjoys worldwide. Ayacucho is an area in Peru, surrounded by the Andes, with the Sarasara (alt. 5453 m) as its highest mountain. Ayacucho covers a very extensive area: its 43 815 km2 make the region half as large again as Belgium. Unfortunately the region is poor, hard to reach and sparsely populated. It is further divided into 11 provinces and 111 districts. The local language is the Chanka variant of Quechua. The Ayacucho collection came about in 2009 as a result of the collaboration between the AS-Adventure Company and Solid International. Much more than a one-time effort, it has become a full-fledged outdoor and travel collection with an undeniable and wholly positive impact on the lives of the Ayacucho people, as each product sold means new funds for Solid International’s projects in the region. Solid International cares deeply about the fate of the local population. Solid Peru uses European know-how to implement improvements in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, housing and local production. The main objective for me, as a photographer, was to portray the people in and around Ayacucho. I set out to use the power of the image to do justice to the power of the people of Ayacucho.

Ayacucho, designed for generations.

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