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A different view

The subject of this visual collection was to capture locations in Koksijde, Belgium. This with another point of view. This photographic fine art is part of an assigned project by Siska Koksijde. Nowadays, the full story is part of a permanent exhibition in the restaurant. <<Project release>>

51°06'28.8"N 2°37'48.4"E

51°05'27.4"N 2°37'59.6"E

51°06'38.0"N 2°36'13.2"E

51°06'10.7"N 2°39'15.0"E

51°06'52.3"N 2°37'18.5"E

51°07'32.3"N 2°38'36.2"E

51°05'59.5"N 2°38'03.7"E

51°06'18.3"N 2°38'31.3"E

51°06'38.0"N 2°36'13.2"E

51°06'38.0"N 2°36'13.2"E


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