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Le Outdoorphotographer has a blog 🤘🏽

©Maaike Van den Meersschaut - Namibia

Look what the cat dragged in! 😋 Yes, yes, this is my first blogpost on my website... They say blogs are a great way to connect with your audience. They can also be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field. Whatever.... I really don't give a... Lets be polite, man 🙊 No, I really had some thoughts about having a blog. I just don't want to be mainstream and to write about everything that already has been written... So lets just be me! LeOutdoorphotographer aka Brian Decrop, my Alter-Ego... People ask me questions. What camera do you use? Is this a good camera? How did you snap that shot? Whats your favourite location? Are you rich? Can you live from your photography? And so on... Via this blog, I will try to give you some answers. Don't be disappointed! The main goal of this online journal will be about images... Throwbacks, images that didn't made the selection, but worth to show... Photographs about the shoot, not made by me but by my beloved friends or sweetheart Maaike. Various individual images that don't suite into a project. Travel-photography without a thread... Or just some thoughts and Images that don't need words...

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