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The very last photograph

About the image:

The photograph above is called 'Clandestino dog'. It was a well thought out symbolic image about the similarities between the subjects "dangerous dogs" and the worldwide "refugee problem" . The image was created in collective with my girl Maaike Van Den Meersschaut.

The inspiration of the image was influenced by the work of the self-taught dog- and photography enthusiast Elke Vogelsang aka “Wieselblitz” combined with the lyrics of the song 'Clandestino' by Manu Chao.

People are on the run, not only in Europe but all over the world. They have to sleep in places where even dogs would not live. They have to hide in trucks, travel in containers, endangering their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Meanwhile exploited, those people are searching for a new and better life...

The dog in the image is my beloved dog Dai. Unfortunately Dai passed away at the age of 12 on the 14th of november 2016. Two weeks after this photograph was made. He was the model and the star in this image. Dai's breed is the American Staffordshire Terrier. Sometimes they call these dogs 'dangerous', 'impossible to handle' or just 'aggressive'. I can ensure you that Dai was not aggressive, he was just the opposite. He was a ZEN-master, perfectly balanced. Just, he had those looks... Breeds like Amstaff's, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Pitt-bull, Bull-terrier, Doberman, Cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, American Bulldog and so the list goes on (you got my point I guess) have that negativity in their names. Just Google it and you will see... We can thank the press and media for that, in search for their sensation. When there is a bite-incident with power-breeds it will get all the attention of the newspapers and other media. When a well-known family-dog like a Golden Retriever or Labrador or just a little chihuahua bites, there will be no stories going to the printing press. I am not banalising bite-incidents. On the contrary! This is wrong and the responsibility goes to the owner. Mostly, the dog gets punished. And in the most cases the dog gets the dead-penalty. And the owner, he gets a new dog... Like everything in life, it is all about education and training...

So you can say in both cases "Running is a fate ..." A tribute to my soulmate Dai:

On my website there is a never ending project about seeking those magical lights. Golden moments composed by sandy dreams in a symphony with waves and air... Cherished, never to forget... It is a project in memory of 'Dai'. The name Dai stands for little brother. You can visit the project via the link: "Sea of Lights".

The following pictures are some memories that I wanted to share including the very last photograph.

Dai in his younger days. He loved the the Romain Lowlands

About those magical moments, sandy dreams in a symphony with waves and air...

Dai, the older days... The beginning of his last summer...

The penultimate photo. Looking to our playground, the Roman Lowlands. Memories.... (Analog photograph clicked by Maaike Van Den Meersschaut)

The very last photograph... Roman Lowlands, where he loved to be...

Dai died two weeks later. A smash in the face. We didn't see it coming. Dai got sick due to an acute renal dysfunction.

Our veterinarian Olivier Debakker tried everything what was possible. We had to decide to let him go... ✝

(Analog photograph clicked by Maaike Van Den Meersschaut)

The famous photograph "Know what is special"

He always knew when the magic started...

We are missing you so hard, buddy 🙏🏾 Hinto says, hi 🐾

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