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Attracting desire

Attracting desire - Model: Maaike Van den Meersschaut - Location: Parque Natural de Anaga

You know, sometimes you immediately realize you have the shot…

Wandering around, not knowing what location should be the best spot. Getting nervous because golden hour is nearby and you are late. Goddammit I am going to miss the image! Hike faster, climb harder, run! I really want this shot! No way, it’s getting cloudy, there will be no sunset. All this effort for nothing… I admit, all those thoughts are passing my mind-set once in a while. I am trying not to show it but the people close to me just know that I am getting twitchy… I am working on it, finding that inner peace…

One thing for me is a certainty. Who you hang around with is everything, make sure that you don’t take all those beautiful moments with them for granted.

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