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Yes, I know... It has been a little bit quiet around Le Outdoorphotographer. My apologies.. I was kind of busy with a new side-project called Dogtales. It is a commercial thing that I love to do. I specialised myself in photographing dogs and I like it so much. Nevertheless, Le Outdoorphotographer is still my biggest passion. And in a next fase I have a few new plans with it, but that is something for the future. First things first... Travelling... 🛫 By the way, why don't you take a look on my new website www.dogtales.be and my new intagramaccount @dogtalesphotography ? Tell me what you think about it and spread the word 🙏🏾 . I am allready thankful. 😃 So why that picture above? It is from my archive, friends. It was created during that cool roadtrip I did with my dad. The photo-project got the name "65°North". I think about it with blissful memories. And Iceland, what a astonishing country... So, that my next stop in a few weeks... Going back with my girl Maaiki, exploring the country and making lots of amazing pictures. Stay tuned homies! Catch ya'll later. Below some footage from my last trip to Iceland. Some of the images were selected for the project.

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