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A fairy tale forest...


That magical forest... A magnificent forest that is giving in to it's fame...

Hallerbos – ‘The Blue Forest’ – is the most important and most extensive forest area between Zenne and Zoniën. The forest is a crowd favourite thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells, which bloom around mid-April. The giant Sequoia trees also make a visit to this forest more than worth it. The negative part of the forest is that visitors don't have the respect to stay on the paths. I know, photographing is important 😉 but respecting nature much more! Today the bloom is in a further phase. The fruits of the bluebells are starting to swell. In June, the seeds will fall on the forest soil around the mother plants. In autumn, a root will emerge from the seed and this root will try to draw the seed deeper into the soil. What it needs to succeed is airy ground, so unfortunately it will not succeed where visitors and photographers have been standing on the centuries-old airy soil. The traces of visitors that left the paths will stay as permanent scars in the vegetation. On these places, nothing is left of the bluebells’ leaves either, not giving them the chance to form a new bulb for next year. Moreover, through trampling, the soil has become too dense for new plants to sprout. This will stay a bare patch. These look like paths, but only a month ago they were not there. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been filled with countless pictures of bluebells, and selfies; the forest has again lost numerous bluebells forever, and has many new bare patches. Why not enjoy without destroying what is so beautiful, fragile and rare? It’s a sin. You can not walk in a picture of a forest with flowers, and you can’t smell the bluebells either. You can only do that in a real forest with flowers. Only if these flowers have not been destroyed.

Stop being ignorant people...




More information: www.hallerbos.be

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