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Açores, officially the Autonomous Region of the Azores, it keeps appealing to the imagination and it certainly lives up to its name. I love those nine islands.

I am not the kind of blogger thats gives you all the locations for granted and so helping to encourage the social-media-trigger hyping places, nevertheless, I only can say that the Azores are a must do! Imagine yourself immersing in green. Indulging fabulous views on scenic hikes. Surfing some good swell. Enjoying good food and drinking delicious wine. And you know, it is budget friendly. Don't expect high-end deluxe tourism. It is not that kind of travel. It is more an exploration of numerous destinations in one adventurous trip.

Anyway, I will be back!

This post is just a throwback of some good memories.

The Roof of Portugal - Mount Pico 2351 Alt.

Romantic gardens Sao Miguel

Analog image - Sete Cidades

Analog image while on hike in Sao Miguel

Lagoa do Fogo

Summit of Mount Pico

Descending Mount Pico

Caldeira Faial

Ponta Dos Capelinhos Faial

Caldeira Faial

Sete Cidades

dolphin watching Pico island

Sete Cidades

Lagoa do Fogo

Lagoa do Fogo

Maaike jumping with locals somewhere on Pico island

Doing what locals do... hitchhiking ...

#Azores #SaoMiguel #Faial #Pico

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