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Leoutdoorphotographer finds Wilderlicht

Well hello earthlings. I must admit, it has been a while that I have written on my blog. Don’t worry, I am still here. A lot of excuses I could bring forward, but in fact I didn’t had the drive to post a lot, since I was so busy doing a lot of different things and I also had to admit I got a bit lost in my creativity. Bummer, but hey, I guess everyone encounters that kind of threshold sometimes.

2018 made me grow up a little bit more. Maturity comes with every year... Together with my girlfriend Maaiki we bought a house. Yes, indeed, that thing people call an investment. We’re busy renovating it, so that in the end that little cosy place we can call home.

2018 was also the year I was exploring new horizons, i.c. that I deepened myself into the world of a dogtrainer. I also engaged myself to become a class 1 drone-pilot licencee by following a severe seminar. On top of this all, 2018 was the year the photo project “Dogtales” started. Portraying dogs and their owners with that kind of light I love the most. That was fun, and in return, it provided me some nice images. Nevertheless, I was feeling a bit inhibited. I couldn’t be that creative anymore and I just didn’t know why…

So, after some thoughts I decided to just do what I love the most. I went back where it all began. Photographing and filming what my mind tells me to do. No deadlines, no pressure. I have my full-time job as a PE-teacher and this job is a kind of a vocation. I love doing it, but this engagement shouldn’t be underestimated. Keeping that in mind, the things I do with the camera must be my zen-moment. My me-moment. And do you know, my passion is getting excited again.

While travelling, Leoutdoorphotographer found Wilderlicht. It is just the same person but a little bit more the grown-up version. That seaside dreaming boy that makes images, video and timelapses. Absorbing the moment. Passionate by creating cool digital content and taking social media not too seriously. I recognize myself again.

It’s all about that special wandering twinkle point in time, people. You know, that smell you sense, that breeze you feel, that light you see, those sunbeams warming you up. All of that sensed poetry becomes memory. It has something melancholic, but it isn’t. It’s more about that feeling you get when you are totally free. I call it “Wilderlicht"…

Brian D.

Azores: Maaike & Brian

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